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  1. They laughed it off. So I left Dover behind and moved on round the coast over
    the next few day I stopped off at Hastings, Eastbourne, end ended up in Brighton all very interesting places but real fun to be had, I reach Brighton on the Friday
    afternoon found a Motel and booked in for the weekend with the
    option of stopping longer if I needed to, I went out after having
    a meal at the Motel and was walking along the sea front just taking in the sea air I had
    walked for about a hour and turned to walk back and by that time I could call in a
    pub for a pint or two and back to the Motel, half way back I came across a young lady sitting on the sea wall and she seamed
    to be crying I was just going to walk by but no I
    stopped and asked if she was ok and could I help
    in anyway, she said Thanks but she was OK and just had a fight with her boyfriend and she would be OK, I said if your sure why
    not just walk back to the town with me rather then sitting on this wall
    getting cold and I don t like the thought of you sitting out
    here all alone, OK thank you she said as she turned she said my
    name is Kate by the way well I Dave please
    to meet you Kate, come on lets get you back to town.

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